Finished my first 1 hour + oral history session with my dad. I learned so much! He has really taken to this. I learned some things I didn’t know, like that he lived in about 12-14 different households before he turned 16. They lived in and around the communities of Wayside, Claude, and Happy, TX (yes Happy) from 1929 until the early to mid 1940s. That is in the Texas in the Panhandle, the square part at the top of Texas. The area mostly looks a lot like typical plains state areas mostly flat, except for one remarkable feature, the Palo Dura Canyon. He lived in two different places where the property bordered the canyon, and attended school in at least three different community schools. They mostly lived in Wayside, were the population for the 1940 census was 40, that means that their family made up 10% of the population.

During pre-WWII rural American it was ok to move into any unoccupied house, squatters rights prevailed. His family sometimes lived with extended family and often lived on farms or ranches where my grandfather tended to the business of running the farm or ranch.

My parents have moved often throughout their marriage, I’ll have to take a tally and get back with you later. It wasn’t unusual for them to move every year or two in the early years of their marriage. They have lived in six different locations since 1965, the longest was through my high school years in one place about 18 years. Of course through the interview I learned much more, most of the stories I have heard many, many times. I find it interesting that through this process I am learning things about him that I never knew.