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An unusual gift for my 82 year old father…

What do you get an 82 year old man? His health is good, but his energy level is just not what it used to be. A severe kidney infection earlier this year really took a toll on him. So what do you get an 82 year old dad for Christmas? I considered a tablet like an i Pad, but I just couldn’t afford that.

As my two teen boys and I walked around an electronics store a thought occurred to me, one project I really need to get started with him and my mom is recording them telling their life stories. There are companies out there that will do this, but we really can’t afford that. I can get around to editing it…eventually.

So I bought him a Kodak Playsport Video camera. It is small, but has a descent sized led screen, looks to be easy to use, but mostly it’s shock proof (he dropped and broke the first digital camera I gave him). Hopefully he doesn’t need the fact that it’s waterproof, but you just never know.

He will receive the camera fully charged, memory card installed, and I will play with it myself for a while so I can teach him how to use it. He is also going to get a list of open ended questions. I, or one of the boys will be there for his first few sessions to make sure the camera is working correctly and he knows how to use it. After that my hope is that he is a quick study and can continue on with hours of video about his life and experiences. He’s a great story teller, I hope the camera captures that.

This may be a gift I regret, one of two things will happen…he’ll not touch it at all, or he’ll video tape way too much. Either way it’s worth a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.