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The title for this piece is a summary of a quote I saw on a calendar from Despair.com, a group that takes the opportunity to poke fun at the motivation industry with their own brand of self awareness. The actual quote was too long for a title but is, “Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.” That’s pretty much what my opinion of blogging has been. I still think it is probably true.

So why I am blogging if I don’t think anyone will read it? If they do will they actually care? I’m blogging because I work from home … by myself … all … day… long. Working from home can be great, don’t get me wrong, but it has its down sides. One of those down sides is loneliness. I could call any number of colleagues any time I want, but I have this uncanny ability to contact folks at exactly the wrong time, so I don’t call unless I really need to. So instead, I’m probably speaking to the empty auditorium of the internet . . . haalllllloooooo, is anybody out there??  feel free to shout out if your there.

So this whole blog thing is also a way of communicating about something I’m passionate about, Historic Preservation. In searching around the internet I didn’t find too many actively working historians writing about historic preservation, the National Register of Historic Places, or local historic designations for buildings and sites. There are some folks with nonprofits, museums, and some contractors. Not many nomination preparers like me. Sure, I’m going to use this as a platform to try and drum up business; I’d be lying to you if that wasn’t the case. After all I am trying to make a living doing this, and I do have a kid going off to college next fall when positive cash flow will be a good thing. So don’t be offended if I occasionally ask, “know anyone that has an older building that should be recognized or designated?” If I didn’t ask, I’d never get any business.

In this blog I hope to educate and inspire you to look at the older buildings around you differently. I want you to understand what historically significance means, and consider how older buildings can bring new life into a previously depressed neighborhood. I’ll explore architectural types, history, finding a nomination preparer, and the joys of tax credits for recognized historic buildings. I’ll probably also rant about some things on topic, and some that are not.

I hope along the way I share something you’re interested in, or you might find fascinating, maybe even of some use. If not check it out occasionally anyway, I might surprise you.

One other thing, Please don’t let my public school education bother you, there will be grammatical errors and misspelled and misused words along the way, I’ll try, but there will be some.